About Fin


Self portrait with glare, May 2012 (reduced & optimized)

Although this site is about the music, not me (I put in the odd cameo appearance), I hope a few paragraphs on this fascinating subject will be indulged, if only to let you know who you’re dealing with.  If not, pass on, dear reader.

I am 59 years old – how this happened I have absolutely no idea – and nowadays contentedly settled in Penrith, Cumbria (UK).  I’ve long considered it my mission in life to transmit to as many people as possible something of the immense pleasure I get from music, so that they might share it.  For most of my adult years this involved grappling with what grew to be an unmanageably large book about Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928–2007), by some distance the greatest composer of the second half of the twentieth century in my humble opinion, and one of the most unjustly maligned.  More about which folly here.  The point in this context is that the force that once drove work on the book now powers Playlistasartform. The hope is that this time some transmitting will actually get done.

Rewarding as it is simply doing it, it would be great to be able to monetize the site at some point, since this would enable me to make it a regular (monthly or at least quarterly) thing, which I would enjoy doing as much as you would using it.  In this pleasant fantasy I see it as an income stream to set alongside freelance proofreading, writing and editing, preferably in the musical field – for which I hereby announce myself available.  I have the skills (see Services page for details), and this site has an incidental function as a showcase for my standards.  Find on it a typo or an ungrammatical sentence if you can.

Making enough directly from the site to allow this is doubtless a pipe dream.  But why not think positively?  If you like it enough you could help by spreading the word through whatever means you have at your disposal.  It’s an axiom in the blogging world that if you can attract traffic, you can generate income, so if enough people like it enough, I could be doing this full time and as one of my myriad devoted readers you could be making a modest annual contribution.  Just think how happy we’d all be then.

Such vulgar financial considerations aside, I am a lifelong Manchester United and general if increasingly disillusioned sport fan, a cherrypicking buddhist (yes to the mutability and essential oneness of all things, no to the fairy story of reincarnation), a recovering Samuel Beckett obsessive, a committed if inactive heterosexual, an instinctive socialist, a long-time vegetarian, a devout non-driver (indeed, nowadays, non-traveller), a piss-poor recorder player, by temperament a lone wolf with a gregarious side I need to keep an eye on, and plenty of other things I can’t think of just now. Above all, though, a passionate music lover – an epitaph I’d be quite happy with.

Thanks for reading and I genuinely hope you get something out of the site.  If you do … what was it you had to spread, again?