That comments are not enabled on this site doesn’t mean I don’t welcome contact, whether in the form of feedback, queries, offers of work or whatever it may be.  It’s just that I’d prefer the contact to be by email (fin at playlistasartform dot com).  Drop me a line and I will respond as swiftly as I am able at the time.  I’d be particularly glad to hear from anyone who spots a broken link on the site.

I’ll be using Twitter to answer simple queries as well as to provide updates.  I’m on Facebook too, and though no great fan would consider taking it more seriously if people wanted to use it as a forum to discuss this site.

Here is perhaps also the place to say that I have attempted to contact the copyright owners of the images used, where these are not public property.  I have usually but not always been successful, so if you see anything of yours, please get in touch and I’ll be quick to remove or acknowledge permission.