Podcast pilot, Fin v English literature: Beckett’s Watt

In July 2014, after failing to drum up sufficient interest in my idea of a podcast featuring local people performing their literary party piece (Cumbria v The English language it was going to be called) I thought I might as well have a shot myself: a shame to waste the perfectly good microphone I’d invested in.  The result was this introduced performance of a reading from Samuel Beckett’s oddly brilliant (brilliantly odd) wartime masterpiece Watt.

Taken from conception to completion within a week, it was recorded in my bathroom on said Blue Snowball mic and edited in Audacity.  Lacking the time to do anything beyond this pilot of Fin v English literature, and finding it more of a palaver than I’d imagined to put a podcast on iTunes, I lodged the episode instead on Soundcloud.  But you can hear it here:

(Click image to play in Soundcloud itself, where you can control the volume, leave comments, etc.)