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Having never before felt the need to own a camera, in 2012 I bought one.  The penny had finally dropped that with the coming of digital, and given the potential for manipulation offered by even so basic a program as Microsoft Picture Manager, fascinating results could be produced by any novice with half an eye.  I set to snapping pretty much anything around me, producing a mass of raw material from which emerged a first selection uploaded as this Flickr slideshow:

Snapshotasartform #1: Glare, Unfocus and Disguise (103 Flat Abstracts)

The images are “flat” not just because two-dimensional, but because all were shot in or from the flat I’d just moved into.  “Abstract” is here a relative term, since many things from Maria de Medeiros to a line of my drying underpants (and that’s a wide spectrum) are there to be spotted.

For best results, go full screen and move the cursor away from the strip at the bottom.  If you feel the need of a soundtrack, Spotify is full of candidates from which to choose.  If this was that kind of website we could even have a poll.  This (Wave train by David Behrman) would get my vote: