PTC Certificate (optimized and sized)

The decision I took in 2011 to move into freelance was based on my intention of building a proofreading business.  To this end I spent every spare moment I had that year  working through the Publishing Training Centre’s Basic Proofreading Course, which in reality isn’t so basic (it’s not like they have a non-basic course).  This I passed with distinction, something achieved by so small a percentage of applicants they would rather I didn’t mention the figure.

At a certain point the whole Playlistasartform thing occurred to me, thickening the plot.  From that moment my ideal became combining work on the site, which stands as its own testimonial, with a mix of proofing, writing and editing work, in whatever proportions.  I am also trained as an indexer.  In all these disciplines I would ideally  prefer to specialize in music texts, though I am perfectly prepared to spread my net wider.  I’m happy to turn my hand to pretty much anything involving written English, in fact, so if you want your article, thesis or book appraised, corrected, tweaked or whatever else, I’d be pleased to give you a price. Send me an email (fin at playlistasartform dot com) and we’ll talk.

Fin O’Súilleabháin